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Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering better health and financial outcomes for employees and their families.

The Problem

Benefits offer health and financial security, but navigating them is hard.


For employees, leveraging benefits can make the difference between a comfortable retirement and financial stress. Benefits can offer critical healthcare when needed most, but too many people avoid care for fear of a massive health bill.


Benefits can add up to 20% of business expenses – that’s a big budget for products and services that employees complain so much about. Low engagement means more healthcare costs, higher taxes, and steep health claims down the road.

Our Solution

A holistic, personalized benefits experience.

We combine an app, data analytics, proactive communications and expert guidance to bring clarity to health and financial benefits decisions year-round. Pasito simplifies a fragmented industry, empowering families through life’s most important moments.

When employees and their families win, so does everyone else.

Driving big impact in employee health and financial wellbeing is good for business.

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