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Increase retirement readiness with hyper-personalized education

Pasito leverages demographic and payroll data to deliver relevant financial wellness nudges and tools that drive up participation.

Employees aren’t on track for retirement

We educate employees personally about retirement savings so each one can feel confident in their plan and retire with dignity.
More than
of employees feel unprepared for retirement. 25% have no retirement savings at all.

Average monthly budget needed in retirement



(Average social security
check in retirement)


(Gap that must be
funded by savings)

Source: BLS, SSA, Federal Reserve

Increase contributions and help more individuals achieve retirement readiness 

Pasito optimizes each employee’s paycheck to find savings and triggers personalized messages to employees about their 401k, 403b, and 457b contributions.

Why Pasito

Engage more employees

You can only engage employees enrolled in the 401k plan. What about those who aren’t contributing? We help you educate all employees year-round with compelling messages and personalized tools.

Save time

Pasito keeps retirement top of mind year-round with outbound messages and AI that answers employee questions. We educate employees personally on retirement plans, tax savings, sponsor matches and Roth vs. traditional decisions.

Increase contributions

All employees deserve guidance to get on track for retirement. We help employees manage the trade-offs between current expenses and long-term savings, increasing contributions and retirement readiness.

Service employers of all sizes

All employees deserve access to educational tools that improve their financial wellness. By leveraging AI, Pasito can easily be configured to service employers of all sizes in a cost effective way.

Increase retirement readiness