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Empower more employees
to choose HSAs

Pasito’s year-round HSA education and decision support help employees feel confident electing lower cost health plans and HSA contributions.

Employees are confused about their pre-tax accounts, nine out of ten want help understanding them

of American employees would be better off with an HSA, but less than 30% of employees have them, and even less than that contribute to them.

Help employees see the value of HSAs and know how to use them

Connecting with health plan and employee data, employees see the personal value of pre-tax benefits with HDHPs.

Why Pasito

Improve employee well-being

Employees improve their short and long-term financial health by confidently increasing premium, tax, and retirement savings with HSA adoption and contributions.

Data-driven benefits support

Connecting with employee health utilization data, Pasito drives employees to the right health and supplemental insurance, personally supporting them throughout the year.

Lower costs for everyone

More employees make informed health plan, care, and pre-tax decisions saving both them, and employers money.

Drive engagement

Employees know when to take action with their HSAs and are reminded on how to be smarter consumers of health care all year round.

Make employees better consumers of healthcare